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Uploading Training & Competency Documents
Uploading Training & Competency Documents

Uploading Competencies Achieved (internally or for sub-contractors)

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Upload Competency / Training Documents

After you have set up the required competencies for a company, the next step is for people or companies to upload their certifications or documentation.  

These competencies can be added by someone from the main licence company or by the subcontractor.

  1. Go to System Settings > Companies

NOTE:  This can also be done at a project level (Project Settings > Companies).  If you add competency achieved at a project level, it copy up to the licence level, so when that person is added to other projects, you'll be able to see competencies achieved (shared across all projects they are added to).

Select the company name.  Click on the arrow at the right to expand so you can see the people.  

2. Click Edit to open the Person details

3. Go to the Competency Details tab

* You'll see the competency requirement that has been added for that person.

You can add additional competencies for that person using the "Add Further Competency Details" button.

Click the Add Details button.

4. Add Competencies Achieved

Add in the details of the competency achieved, including qualification name, expiry date, experience details etc.

Upload any documentation or images and click Save.

If you've added Competency Requirements to a company, and they have uploaded some documents, you'll want to review the competencies that have been submitted.

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