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Setting up a Training and Competencies Register
Setting up a Training and Competencies Register

Setting up Competencies Requirements and Assigning them to a Company

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The Training and Competencies feature in Acuite gives you the ability to:

  • set up training/competency requirements for your internal team and sub-contractors

  • assign competencies to a trade, or to a company, or a person

  • mark off individual people as achieving the required competency standards

The training and competency feature needs to be activated for your licence, so please get in touch if you wish to use it.

1. Setting Up Competencies

We have added a default list of NZQA training requirements and associated codes of practice.  You can see this in the System Settings > Competency Requirements menu.
It's possible to add new competencies to this global list using the + Add Competency Requirement button on the top right.

2. Assign a Competency to a Company

You can require all workers from a company to achieve specific competencies.  (You might use this with sub-contractors).  

To set this up, go to the System Settings > Companies menu.

a. Find the relevant company name and click Manage Competency

b. Click Assign Competency Requirements

c. Select the competency from the list on the left to assign it to a company.  You can do this for your own internal team or for a sub-contractor company.

The competency moves across to the right:

d.  You'll then need to specify whether this competency is required for a single project or all projects in which the company is set up on.  

Select "All Projects" or specific the projects one at a time.

3. Setting Up Competencies for an Individual Person

You might want to set up a competency requirement for one person (or a few people in a company you have specific roles).  You can do this by going into the Edit Person modal.

Go to System Settings > Companies (or Project Settings > Companies).
Find the company name and click the arrow on the right to show the people.
Click the Edit button.

Go to the Competency Details tab.  If you've already added a competency for a company, it will appear in the competency details.  

Click  Add Competency Details or Add Further Competency Details.

Select the Competency Requirement from the list.

You don't need to upload any details at this point because you're assigning a competency requirement to a person.  The details can be uploaded later.

Click "Save Changes"

You'll see the competency has been added, but no details have been uploaded.  If you've done this in the system settings menu, this will be added to this person's details for all project's they're on.

Click the Save button.

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