Review Competencies Submitted

Review Training & Competency Documents that have been Uploaded for Companies & People

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Reviewing Competencies Submitted

Once someone has added some competencies for themselves or other people within their company, the licence company will be notified that a competency has been uploaded.  An email will get sent to all people within the licence company that have the permission “can review competencies”.

The person from the licence company goes to the project settings where they can see straight away the status of each company on that project. 

Status’s are – Reviewed & approved (green tick), Reviewed & rejected (red cross) or the box will not be ticked insinuating that it has not yet been reviewed.

The person from the licence company will then need to review the competency details that have been uploaded.     

*Note:  this person will need to have the permission "Can assign and review company Competency Requirements".

Go to System Settings > Companies
Select the company name and select Manage Competency, Review for Approval.

You can see which competencies have been uploaded (black dot icon), and which haven't (- icon).

Select Reject/Approve

The sub-contractor will see a green 'Manage Competencies' box when they log in.

This indicates that one or more of the competencies uploaded has been approved (but there may still be some competencies not added).

Once a company’s competence has been approved (at licence or on a project) they remain approved for all projects, unless some qualification has expired or the competency requirements for that company are changed

Reject:  If approval is rejected, it is possible to send the company ‘Admin’ a quick message with details on why approval is pending 

The licensee can download a competency report by going to the company in the System Settings > Companies menu.

Click Manage Competency, Download Competency Report.

This gives a summary of competencies for everyone in the company:

Email Notifications:

Emails will be sent when:

Qualification Expired, to: 

  • Person -> person who's qualification has expired

  • Office Admins -> office admins from the Person’s company

  • Competency Reviewers -> licenced company people with permission to manage competencies

Competency Requirements Updated - competency requirements assigned to a company have been updated, to:

  • Office Admins (or everyone in the company if no office admin exists)

Competency Details Updated - competency details submitted by a company have
been updated, to:

  • Competency Reviewers

Additional notes:

  • Only licencees with permission to review competencies will have the Competency Details Updated notification topic available to them

  • The following people are subscribed to competency notifications automatically:

  • anyone that assigns competency requirements (to trades/companies at licence/project level)

  • anyone that updates a company’s competency approval status

  • people whose competency details are being submitted

  • people set as Office Admin

  • Any other Licencees who have permission to review company competencies and wish to receive competency notifications can opt in to the relevant notifications either through their account profile or on the company settings list. 

  • If an Office Admin is not selected, notifications are sent to: 

  • everyone in the company if at licence level

  • everyone in the company on the project at project level

  • All competency notification recipients may unsubscribe from any/all competency topics. 

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