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Logging a Health and Safety event using the "Light" form
Logging a Health and Safety event using the "Light" form
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Acuite has a simplified version of the health and safety event form, which makes entering an event a very quick and easy process.


  1. Log into Acuite via

  2. Enter your email address and password and press the Log In button.

3. When you log in you will see the first field on the form.  Select the event type from the dropdown list.  (*Note:  if you are only logging one event type, such as a "good catch" or positive observation, you won't see this field).  

4. Select the project name from the list.

5.  Go through and fill in the fields in the form including event name and other details.  Any required fields will be marked with ...(required).   

Note:  the fields that appear in the form are customisable for your company, and by the event type.  This means that the fields on the form may be different to what is shown in this article.  

Event Name - a short summary of the incident (may not be required)

Date Reported and Time Reported - these fields are automatically populated but you can change them if necessary.

Company Responsible - select the company from a dropdown list.  If the company is not in the list, start typing the company name in the box and you will be given the option to add it.

Description - include a brief description of the event

6. Click the Save and Notify button.

The page will then re-load, ready to load a new event.


What do I do if the project is not in the list?
Contact your company administrator.  They will probably need to add the project to Acuite.

How often do I need to log in?
Once you have logged in, you will remain logged in for a week.  After that time you will be logged out automatically and will need to log back in.  

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