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Log Health and Safety Events in Acuite
Log Health and Safety Events in Acuite

Add an event or observation on your project

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HSE events can be added manually into Acuite or imported from another system via an integration.

You can use the Acuite Health and Safety feature to log events and observations as they happen. Later you can use this information to gain valuable insights into the most frequently occurring types of events, including causes and contributing factors. You can view metrics such as events by sub-contractor over time and the ratio of leading to lagging events. This helps you to identify trends and target areas to improve on your site.

To enter a new health and safety event:

1. From the Project Dashboard either click on the HSE menu on the left hand side and select Events.

Then click on the "Add Event" button on the top right.

OR: from the Project Dashboard Click on the shortcut button and select "Add HSE Event"

2. Select the type of event.

3. If the eventhad potential to cause serious harm, e.g. if there was a high chance of injury select ’Yes’ e.g a collision with falling object or vehicle. If not , keep as ‘No’.

4. In "1. General Details" section give the event a name, a summary of what happened. Other fields in this section will autocomplete, so check the date, time reported, project and address details are correct.

NOTE: Text with a * indicates that this is a required field. The event will not be able to be closed out unless all fields with a * are completed.

5. To enter the next section, you will need to expand the section by clicking the arrows on the right side of sections.

6. In section "2. Event Details", fill out the Company involved, this defaults to your company.

Click on the "Name of company involved" field for a drop-down list of sub-contractors, select the company involved or type the name of the company into this field.

NOTE: If the company name that you are looking for does not appear in the list, you can type it into the box "start typing to filter options". You will then be given the option to add the new company. click on the +Add [name] box.

A box will appear under Options. Click on it so that the new company name is selected, with a tick symbol next to it and press OK.

7. For ‘Date Occurred’, the date defaults to the reporting date, so click on the date box to enter a past date using the calendar.

8. Enter the time that the event occurred.

9. Enter details of the event into the "Description" section. The more information the better.

You can also include any documents or photos related to the event by clicking the "Upload Documents or Photos" icon. You may want to add scanned copies of medical documents, event investigation documents from a sub-contractor or photos of the injury.

10. For "Immediate Actions Taken", input what was done directly after the event, e.g.

11. Next select the Action Causing the Eventi.e. What physical action caused the event, the Object/Condition cause of eventi.e. What external factor caused the event and the Contributing Factors i.e. Why did it happen.

Click on the arrow in each of these fields and a drop down list will appear for each of the 3 sections. Select the categories most fitting to the event.

NOTE: if the appropriate cause/object/condition/contributing factor item doesn't appear in the list you can add it by typing in the box at the top [start typing to filter options...]. The item that you have typed will appear below with a +, eg: +Excessive Noise (in the example below). Click on the + button.

Then select the new item that appears under the Options list, so that a tick symbol appears next to it.

12. Enter "Preventative actions to minimise reoccurance".

A date can also be set in the "To be completed by" field can be entered as a target to ensure preventative actions are completed.

The severity of the event will determine the amount of information that is required on the form. eg: when entering a hazard observation, you are only required to enter section 1. General Details and 2. Event Details. On a higher severity event, such as a Lost Time Injury, you will be required to enter details in sections 1 to 10, which includes details such as injured person and, rehabilitation information.

A Medical Treatment Injury will contain more required fields, as per this example below:

Any additional information (not required fields) can be accessed by the three dots at the bottom.

13. In section "3. Further Event Details", select a 'Work Activity' that was occurring at the time of the event. As per the previous example, you can add to the list by typing the new activity into the box at the top '[Start typing to filter options...]'

Select any contributing weather conditions, describe any hazards involved and upload documents or photos as required.

14. In section "5. Injury Details" click on the top field to select the ‘Nature of Injury’ for a drop-down list and select correct category.

15. Then select the body part injured and any additional notes.

16. In section "6. Injured Person Details" add details of the person as comprehensively as possible.

17. Next fill in section "7. Injured Person Employer Details"

18. Check your details are correct in section "8. Person Reporting Details"

19. Then use section "9. Risk and Impact Analysis" sliding scale to assess the ‘Likelihood’ and ‘Consequence’ of serious harm occurring.

20. If you want to add further details, witness statements or allocate ‘Preventative Actions’ to assignees, then click on the 3 dots at the bottom. The selection below will appear. Click on the one you wish to add to.

21. If the report is incomplete but you need to sign out of Acuite, click ‘Close’ at the bottom of the screen.

22. When all relevant information is in the report, click on ‘Save & Notify”, this will send the report to the Project Manager, Site Manager and Health and Safety Manager (for higher severity event).

The health and safety event will now be in the event list on the Events dashboard. To see the list, click on the HSE menu and select Events.

Scroll to the list at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Events are saved automatically every 30 seconds, so if you start entering an event and decide that you want to delete it, you can do this from the list of events (click the trash can on the right hand side of the event). For more details, see this article.

To close out an event, go to the event list on the Health and Safety Events dashboard. For more information on how to do this, see this article.

Need any help? Please get in touch by clicking the blue chat button on the bottom right hand side of the screen in Acuite.

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