Leading to Lagging Ratio

What does "leading events" on the project dashboard mean?

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On the project dashboard you can see the ratio of leading to lagging health and safety indicators.  

LEADING indicators are made up of observations and near misses.  

LAGGING indicators include first aids, medical treatment injuries, lost time injuries and fatalities.

Idea is that by logging leading observations, over the long term, this will lead to people noticing and modifying their behaviour BEFORE accidents occur (lagging).   

Set a target?

Some companies are aiming for a ratio of 80%, meaning that for every 8 observations and near misses, there will only be 2 incidents (first aid, MTI, LTI and fatalities).   

Setting a leading to lagging ratio target onsite and at a company level can encourage and showcase good health and safety practices.  A good leading to lagging ratio can also be included as a non-price attribute on a tender.  

Track your progress over time on the Health and Safety Event Insights page:

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