Assigning Actions to HSE Events
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Within a health and safety event form, you can assign actions as a result of that event.  You can:

  • assign an action to multiple people

  • assign multiple people to an action

To assign an action to someone, click on the ... menu at the bottom of the event form and select Further Actions.

  1. Add the Further Actions section to the form:

2. Add an action and assign someone to the action:

  • Select + Add Further Action

  • Enter action details

  •  select someone to assign the action to

  • and a due date:

You can add additional people to the action by clicking the Select Assignee button:  

Or you can add additional actions by clicking the + Add Further Actions button:

3. Save and Notify

Click the Save and Notify button on the form.  An email will be sent out to the action assignees with details of the action on the event form.  It will contain the action and due date.

4.  The person assigned completes their action

The assignee can click on a link in the form and go back into the event form to add a comment, upload an image or document and close out their action.

5.  Close out Event
Once all actions are completed, the event form can be closed out.

On the HSE Event dashboard, you can see how many actions have been completed:


  • A user may assign anyone from the licence to a further action. If assignee is not already on project they will be added.

  • An event can't be closed out if there are outstanding actions.

  • The action creator can close out actions for the person assigned

  • If a user has the permission to view all events for the project they'll be able to see all events in the event list on the project (HSE Events dashboard), all events in the HSE Events Insights dashboard and in the MS Word report builder.  If they don't have this permission, they'll only see events created by them, or events that contain actions assigned to them.

  • When a user has an action assigned to them they will see an alert on their incident list (!)


What notification emails are sent out?

  • Further Action is Assigned:  Assignees receive this notification when a HSE Event is saved with further actions assigned to them and user clicks 'Save & Notify'. It is also possible to manually send notifications to any action assignees by clicking 'Notify Assignees' on events that have already been notified (ie 'Save & Notify' has previously been clicked).  

  • Further Action Completed:  Action creators receive an email notification when a further action is marked as Completed  

  • Further Action Overdue:  Action assignees and creators receive an email notification when a further action is overdue * Each notification type has their own topic and a notification recipient may unsubscribe from any topic

Can other people be set up to receive notifications when actions are created, overdue and closed?

Yes!  Go to the system settings menu, Health Safety Form Settings, Further Action Notifications to set up additional notifications.  

What does a person see on the HSE Events dashboard?

A user will only see events logged by them, or events that contain an action assigned to them unless they have been given the permission "Can View All Incidents".

What does a sub-contractor see when they log in?

Sub-contractors will only see events that they have logged themselves, or events with an action assigned to them.  (Note:  if they are given the permission "Can View All Incidents", then they will be able to see all HSE events for the project.  

Can I add an action to an event at a later date (once other actions have been added)?
Yes!  Just make sure you click the "Notify Action Assignees" button underneath the action.  

Can you assign multiple people to an action?

Yes - but when one of those people marks the action as complete, the action will be considered complete for all people assigned.  If you want each person to complete an action, you will need to add that action multiple times and assign each action to someone.

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